VITRUV is a tool suite for optimizing security in urban areas in the urban planning process.

The VITRUV software can be used for assessing:

  •          The level of general crimes in an urban area
  •          The susceptibility and vulnerability of buildings regarding terrorist attacks
  •          Wether the risk for an attack is critical or not
  •         the consequences (casualties & damage) in case of an attack

VITRUV is directed at urban planners, consultants, architects, civil engineering offices and decision makers in the field of urban planning.

VITRUV can use existing 3D CAD city models as well as 2D maps and provides a quick and easy way to create buildings by drawing layouts on a map.

VITRUV may be used as a teaching aid or advertising tool because of the instructive visualization of its calculation results.

Proper application of VITRUV requires experience in the field of risk analysis and some basic knowledge in the use of numerical calculation methods.

Find out more about VITRUV in the introduction.

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